Built on Latest Technology

Technology changes every day and there is no lagging behind. The Internet is changing and adopting latest technologies. Our team keeps the pace and deliver products with the fusion of all latest technologies. We have a great record in keeping ourselves in pace with the latest trends and we believe our products should speak about our quality and commitments. 

Highly Experienced Engineers

Siliconic possesses a great team which includes, experienced Network Engineers, Web Developers, UI/UX Designers, Graphic Designers, Marketing Experts, Financial Consultants and Solutions Architects. We are an amalgam of all latest technologies in Web and Networking.


We at Siliconic value time, that is the reason we make commitments that we can deliver on time. With us, you will have your products delivered on the fixed committed time. We strictly work on tight deadlines and provide a great final product.

Our strengths in
delivering products.

We do everything by the book

Our products follow the protocols and guidelines laid out by the technologists. We don't believe in working by hook or crook, but we make sure our product is perfect and free from bugs.

Great Thinkers

We have great thinkers at our helm. Our's company's motto is "we make ideas work"and we mean it. We have great idea consultants who help you build your idea into a great product.

Designs and Validations

The product requirement and designs are taken from the customer and the work starts in a transparent so that the customer is informed of the blueprint and the validation and completion of the product.

Complete Documentation

Our customers are made familiar with the administration of the product. The Front-End is designed as per the UX standards and the interface is self-explaining.

We've a killer team at the helm

Tufayl Ahmed
Founder / CEO
Haris Langoo
Creative Director

Some awesome companies we've had the pleasure to work with

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